The SJS Project is delighted to share our data with you.

The SJS researchers tested and re-tested this survey before use in the field in 2010 (January-December). The original, 105-item survey, was administered to over 5,000 people. You can download it here


 You can download the clean dataset here (SPSS), and the SJS codebook is available here [pdf]. 

The research team also administered a supplement to approximately 600 people at the GMHC House of Latex Ball (August, 2010). This version of the survey included 10 additional items about the House and Ball community, about mobile technology and about contact with police. Questions that appear only in the supplement are indicated by the letter “G” before the question number. You can download the entire survey with the supplemental questions here [PDF].

Both surveys were approved by the CUNY-Graduate Center Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the ethical use with human subjects.

The sample for the study was generated through a variety of strategies, including:

  • venue-based sampling at strategic events,
  • snowball sampling,
  • respondent-driven sampling, and
  • the internet.